3 Steps to My Dream … How You Can Realize Your Dream Too

ThreeStepsBannerSQI’ve pretty-much lived my life by going with the flow.  This worked when I was younger because it allowed me the chance to see new places and learn new skills. However, at a certain point I began to realize that I’d ‘been there, done that’. I needed something more but I didn’t know what.

Since finding the answer to this “Big Question” I recognize 3 steps I took to make it happen.

1. Figure out what you really want to do and what mark you want to leave on the planet.

My journey began a years-long quest for “my purpose,” involving various career searches, counselors and spiritual visioning. After much frustration and many tears I felt as though I hadn’t really accomplished anything. Then I finally made a breakthrough that has set me on an incredible trajectory, while working with a life coach.

All that time I had been looking inward, trying to find answers, when the answer was apparent from the outside looking in: my dream is to own and run a sustainable, socially responsible hotel.

I had run hotels for many years and I have enjoyed creating outstanding experiences for travelers. The part that left me unfulfilled was that my efforts just made some owner or corporation richer. I have found little “purpose” to doing business for business sake. If I could run my own hotel then I could add that extra piece that had been missing for me.

Get clear on your dream. It could be right under your nose.

2. Tell someone what you are dreaming.

Realizing my dream was even more challenging because it seemed so far out of reach. Many people that I shared this new purpose with, smiled and said, “That’s nice, but so what?” They reflected my belief that I couldn’t actually pull this off.

Gratefully, I had my wife and a few friends who were supportive of this emerging (and seemingly unrealistic) vision.

The trick here is to set the idea of your dream in motion, by sharing it with others. This will keep you focused on how to make it happen. And make you accountable for taking action.

3. Do something a little different than your normal.

It was obvious that knowing my purpose was not enough. And telling folks about it, while helpful for motivation, was still not going make it happen. In my case I began searching for hotels for sale and figuring out how much money I would need in order to make a down payment, even though it seemed unrealistic.

My wife helped me to take another action that was different and which led to where I am today. Instead of just talking about hotels, Claire suggested that we take a trip and actually look at some properties I was interested in. We assessed our assets and saw a creative way we could afford to take action on this dream. It was her inspiration that began the process that leads me on the edge of my dream.

Here is the key: do something, anything, different from your daily routine, which moves you towards your goal.

A New Reality

Now I am on my way to creating a partnership with a beautiful hotel in a wonderful small town near Portland. It has been an incredible journey and there is a great deal more work involved, but I love it.

One of the challenges of reaching for great heights, is sometimes you need help and one of my lessons has been to reach out. I am in that position right now. As I’ve been telling folks about my dream and providing updates, they often ask how they can help. We have put together a crowdfunding campaign so you can help support our dream. Simple click here to go to IndieGoGo and help Bring the Balch to Brilliance.