Abundance Hospitality

Hospitality Experiences for Today’s Traveler

Breakfast in a relaxing sunny spotThe Pacific Northwest has a unique hospitality experience. One that joins the area’s natural appeal with local sustainable resources in a historic setting. Abundance Hospitality brings together resources to purchase, and operate hotel properties in the Pacific Northwest. We coordinate resources including capital, architecture, contracting, design as well as opening and all aspects of operations.

Why Abundance Hospitality?

Today’s travelers want more than a cookie-cutter hotel and restaurant to spend their time. Regional explorers are seeking an unique, quality experience that provides a connection to place. In order for a region to build its tourism base we need to provide fresh, innovative experiences. Focusing on local product sourcing and environmentally sustainable business practices we draw longer stays.
Nearly 3 decades of Hotel management experience ensures our property is maximizing its potential. Our award-winning community support and outstanding customer experiences makes Abundance Hospitality  your first choice.

Hospitality and history Products & Services

Abundance Hospitality provides a full range of hospitality management and development services. From purchasing, and operating, we bring together the resources needed for unique, profitable hotels in the Pacific Northwest.
We have created a new type of business model focused on showcasing the region’s natural beauty utilizing local, sustainable resources in a historically preserved manner.
Out vision is based on the following:
  • Commitment to hospitality: Boutique hotel experience with simple luxury and sustainability as core ideals. Friendly, helpful, engaged staff; clean, cozy antique-filled rooms with locally sourced pampering amenities.
  • Commitment to community: Creative local resourcing and hosting of community building events. The location is a gathering place for all.
  • Commitment to the past and future: Preservation of the historic nature of the building  and town, while upgrading infrastructure in alignment with sustainable building and business practices.

Target Market

Our property can host small to mid-sized events. Weddings, retreats and various events are what drives profitability.
Upscale free independent travelers seeking a unique hospitality experience as well as local residents interested in an eco-savvy, sustainably-focused place to gather. Market reach will span from San Francisco to Seattle, capturing Cultural Creatives seeking the charm and ambiance of the Pacific Northwest.